Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He Grew!

In the last month I've been stuffing my baby full of food. He's all, "Hey, mommy, you're eating so I'd like something, too. Right this minute. Do you hear me? Rightthisminuterightthisminuterightthismiiiinute! NOW!"

And then I'm like, "Dude. Chill. It's coming. Do you want carrots or green beans?"

Then he says, "Neither, lady. I want steak and potatoes and buttery dinner rolls. Then I think I'll finish that up with lobster and rice pilaf and string cheese. Definitely string cheese. Oh and ice cream. And a Twinkie."

Then I answer with, "Carrots it is."

You might remember that a month ago, at his six month well baby visit, he was teensy. Really. Super tiny. I mentioned it at the beginning of this post. Today we returned to see if he'd been growing. Like I said before, I've been stuffing him like a Thanksgiving turkey. He yelps for food and I respond. Although, to assuage your fears that I am overfeeding him, I should probably tell you that he yelps for food on schedule. Currently he's getting three meals of solid food and 24 ounces of formula each day. In any case, I knew he'd gained weight and I was desperately hoping he'd grown in length as well.

And praise the Lord, he did both. He gained over a pound and grew almost an inch in a month. Yeah! Good job, Little Buddy.

And alright, so when we moved from our first rental into our second rental I was all, "Maybe I'll get a new pediatrician because I don't want to drive all over kingdom come when I don't have to." But then I took the boys to the doctor and was reminded that I drive all over kingdom come because I love the staff there.

I adore our pediatrician, even though we only see her every fourth visit or so--she's in high demand. I love our nurse practitioner who is as invested in Matthew's case as you could ever hope for medical personnel to be. I love the nurses. I love the people who check us in. And Matthew is always super happy to be there. It's like he forgets that every time we walk through the doors he gets poked with needles. He's all, "Man, I love it here. You girls are the best. See my grin. I'm telling you how much I love you. Holy OUCH! Sob! Wail. Okay. I'm over it. Now let me smile a bunch more." I'm sure if I told them that he throws enormous tantrums they'd call me a liar and order a polygraph test. Not Matthew. Not sweet, innocent, adorable little Matthew. He couldn't ever be anything but sugar and frosting.

He seriously loves himself some pediatrics.

And Garrett loves himself their fish tank. He's affectionately named the big orange one BeBe.

Yeah. I have no idea.


  1. So do you have to keep up the Twinkie diet now that he's gained some weight? J

  2. Yay! He grew! I know how you feel to be thrilled for a teensy baby growing!

  3. I hope to see you sometime to witness the said growth in person by holding and cuddling him! :)

  4. I don't understand how that large and in charge infant can be TOO SMALL. the fat rolls under his chin beg to differ.

    also, it has to be, like, physically painful to grow that much in a month.