Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crying Over Pumpkin Tarts

You know you're maybe just a tad overly emotional when you start crying over pumpkin tarts. But let me back up.

We had dinner with friends last night. I was taking the dessert and I had wanted to make something autumnesque. I sort of tweaked a pumpkin pie recipe and came up with individual pumpkin tarts. I had made six and I only needed five. I wasn't entirely sure that they had cooked long enough or even if they were edible. So, on Thursday night, I split the sixth tart in half and Troy and I "tested" it. I asked Troy if it met his approval and he answered with, "Do you think five is enough? Maybe we need two for each of us..." And they really were good so I concurred.

Yesterday I made more. This took a good deal of planning because they needed to cook for close to an hour and then cool for two hours before we ate them and what with having a seven and a half month old who is in to absolutely everything, planning anything can be difficult. But I accomplished my mission with enough time to put them into the refrigerator to chill for half an hour.

We were almost to our friends' house when Troy asked me where the dessert was. And I kid you not, I put my hand over my eyes and proceeded to cry. I mean, I've heard that you aren't supposed to cry over spilled milk but apparently forgotten pumpkin tarts are fair game. I think my husband might have thought, What is this thing that I've married? I thought she had more resolve, better coping skills, the ability not to cry over pumpkin filling. What he said was, "We'll just stop at the store."

With a voice that can only be described as whiny and obnoxious, I moaned that I had really wanted to make something and not buy something. I cried about how I had worked really hard to time it all right so that we weren't late. I basically was a giant pain in the keister. We were too far across town to retrieve the forgotten dessert so Troy stopped at the store. I composed myself while he ran in.

I expected a carton of cookies. My husband knows me better than that. He knows that the only thing that would make me feel better about the surplus of pumpkin tarts occupying our refrigerator would be to exit the store with something even better. And did he ever.

He bought a cheesecake.

I knew I married that guy for a reason.

And now...well, we have an abundance of pumpkin tarts. But, I guess there are worse things.


  1. Mmmmm..... that really makes me want some pumpkin pie tarts!!

  2. I would cry too. And I second Jon's comment.......feel free to send some up to Canada.

  3. That sounds like something I'd do! And I third Jon's comment! C.O.D. of course. Yay for Troy!

  4. bringing coffee, will be right there. to help consume said pumpkin tarts. love me some pumpkin!

  5. oh, and i would have TOTALLY been cryin' about it too. and jay WOULD NOT have had that attitude, he would have been doin' the happy dance about gettin' all the tarts to himself. nice.

  6. Ooo yumm! Sounds like a good excuse to invite some girls over and send Troy out with the boys for a bit! :D