Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Retreat

A couple days ago I was putting together a little something for the women who will be attending our church's retreat next weekend. The Rock Star was assisting me.

G: Is Grandma going to be there?
Me: Yes. She's flying in on Friday and going to my retreat with me.
G: Are you going to be there?
Me: Yep.
G: Am I going to be there?
Me: No. You get to stay home with daddy.
G: (pause) So it's just a bunch of old ladies?

So now we've established that Garrett thinks his mother and his grandma are old ladies. Terrific.


  1. ahahaha. That's great. Hey at least he isn't old enough to be a smarty pants like mine and ask to see Jesus' picture in my year book.

  2. Be sure to share that with the women at the retreat. J

  3. That kid gets funnier and funnier every single day I think. Man.