Sunday, October 25, 2009

Plague of Death & Appreciation

I seem to have caught some kind of plague of death. This is possibly also known as H1N1--although I can't be sure at this point. I have chills, a cough, a headache, fatigue, and a fever. The Rock Star came down with this on Friday, was fine all day yesterday until evening when he got another fever, and has been fine all day today except for the coughing and the fact that his nose is now running. Let's just say that the three of us, who are not employed by the church, played hookie today. This meant that I laid around attempting to care for my children while also attempting to not breathe on them and simultaneously trying to suppress my moaning. This also meant that I began to cry when Garrett rubbed his snotty Kleenex on my face just for kicks. I blame the 101.5 temperature. Sure, Garrett can function almost normally with such an elevation but I cannot. I normally hover around 97.3 so 101.5 just might as well be dead.

Today they honored the pastors for Clergy Appreciation Month. Here's what we got:

A beautiful plant.
A 25 dollar gift card to a local grocery store.
Another 25 dollar gift card to a local grocery store.
A 25 dollar gift card to a pizza place.
65 dollars.
100 dollars.
20 dollars.
A 40 dollar gift card to Sports Authority.
535 dollars for our adoption fund.

That's 835 dollars worth of stuff plus a plant, in case you didn't want to do the math yourself. So, a huge THANK YOU to all the people at our church! You guys are the best! It definitely made my plague of death seem slightly less insurmountable and distracted me from the fact that every single muscle feels like it is attempting to claw its way out of my body.


  1. So sorry you're sick! Yuck. That's no fun whatsoever. And I don't think it's at all unreasonable to cry when you're sick and someone wipes their snotty tissue on your face! Even when that person is your adorable little boy.

    I'm glad that you continue to be cared for and appreciated by your friends/ church congregation. All of those gifts are wonderful and encouraging, and I hope that years from now you get to tell Matthew all about how so many people contributed to keeping him with his mom and dad! :)

  2. Feel better!

    Also watch Garrett pretty closely. They are saying that if the fever goes away and comes back that it's cause for extreme caution and observation.

    Hope everyone is a-ok very soon!