Friday, October 16, 2009

Even When I'm Naughty

Um. So. That title sounds a little...questionable. I assume you realized it was about children.

Yesterday I had one of those nights where I wanted to hop into the crib and just breath in the smell of Shea butter and baby shampoo. Then I wanted to crawl into the toddler bed and snuggle the three-year-old as he squirmed and grunted in his sleep*. But I probably would have broken the crib. I mean, they're certainly not designed for adult women over a hundred pounds. And The Rock Star would have woken up, said something in what would have sounded like another language and then start sobbing. He cries a lot when he gets woken out of a dead sleep. But anyway. I wanted to snuggle them...forever.

So you can imagine that today's conversation melted my heart a little. Garrett turned a laundry basket upside down and was about a nanosecond from breaking a music box that normally is out of his reach. I explained--in no uncertain terms--that he needed to set it down immediately and that he was not allowed to play with anything on that shelf.

G: I just wanted it to play some music.
Me: Then you need to ask me to turn it on.
G: Will you turn it on?
Me: In just a second.
(I look down at him from the kitchen and see him picking up a different thing that he isn't supposed to play with on the very shelf that I instructed him not to touch.)
Me: (heading down to the family room) Garrett! I said don't touch anything on that shelf!
G: I'm sorry.
Me: (pause) I forgive you.
G: (pause) Mommy.
Me: Yes?
G: I love you. (pause) Even when I'm naughty.
Me: (hugging him tightly) I love you, too. So much. Even when you're naughty. And you know what?
G: What?
Me: I love you when I'm naughty, too.

*Garrett is a seriously restless sleeper. I mean, he's resting. He gets sleep. But when someone else tries to sleep with him, well, heads get punched, legs get kicked. It's a party. His poor wife. That's all I have to say.


  1. Um I totally have gotten in the crib (repeatedly there for a stent) and I round out right around 100. Also, not a lie I've been in a pack-n-play a handful of times. You totally can do it ;)

  2. Lucy sleeps like that too. She once asked why I didn't let her and Ella share a bed like her friend does with her own little sister and I just had to be square with her and let her know it was because she would end up kicking her baby sister in the kidneys and then shoving her off of the bed.

    The funny thing was that Lucy didn't object to the facts presented. The accepted them and just moved was as if she already knew.

  3. My son has gotten into the crib with each of their three kids. It was a hand-me-down crib to begin with. He's not a large man, but certainly well over 100 pounds. J

  4. The future Mrs. Rockstar is also a restless sleeper and doesn't care for cuddling...interesting. I didn't used to like cuddling either (ask Christy for an interesting story about sleeping together) but I like it now, at least when it's chilly in the room ;-)