Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Zoo

We went to the zoo today with the other pastor's wife and her girls. We learned that Little Spuddy is the same size as an infant gorilla. Although, his arms are slightly shorter.

Doesn't it look like I have three hands growing off of my right arm? Holly's oldest was helping me. And we discovered that Garrett is the same size as a juvenile gorilla. So, essentially, I could make a swap with a mama gorilla. I wonder if she'd notice a difference. I don't think things would change much around here. Except that I do have Garrett mostly toilet trained. I might miss that.
The Rock Star channeled his inner spider on the rope web.

And the little spudster finally fell asleep.

The little orangutan slept too. Or, well, vegged. Her daddy slept as well. Under a sheet. It was the funniest thing ever. Okay. Not ever. Not even close, probably. But it was funny. Baby orangutan really entertains herself. That would be nice. Maybe I could trade her for Matthew. Occasionally. On Tuesdays and every other weekend.

The new baby giraffe was especially adorable. I wouldn't trade either of my boys for him though. I don't have a bed big enough. And, while he'd fit through the doors for now, I feel that would be short lived. But oh is he ever a cutie.


  1. Awwwhhh I love that your boys are the same size as baby gorillas. TOO CUTE!

  2. Just be careful who you're in front of if you ever call M-CAT a gorilla. Not that you would, but I'm just saying.