Monday, August 3, 2009

Why I'm Allergic to Utah

I'm allergic to Utah.

And that statement is so not figurative. I'm honestly, truthfully, full blown allergic to Utah.

Or, that is, the air here or something that resides here or blooms here. I really don't know. What I do know is that for a full year I've been having an allergic reaction to this state. It all began a year ago when I thought I had conjunctivitis. One year and a lot of drops later, it was determined that I have Chronic Allergic Conjunctivitis and, according to the Ophthalmologist, it's being aggravated by, in a word, Utah.

The dry climate, the wind, something in this valley is making my eyes go crazy. I've switched contact solution. I've switched (for more than a few pretty pennies) contact brands. I've tried various drops. I've seen the eye doctor enough in the last ten months to qualify us as a dating couple. I've bought new glasses out of sheer necessity. I wouldn't wear the old ones in public unless my eyes were actively spewing goo. Now that I've become a part time contact wearer and part time glasses wearer, owning a pair with my current prescription was imperative.

I'm not having an outbreak of chronic allergic conjunctivitis at the moment. But still, I pop my contacts out in the evening, throw an anti-inflammatory drop in, attempt to hold my tears at bay as my eyes burn with all the wretched dryness of this state, put my glasses on, go to bed--eventually, wake up, put a wetting drop in my eye, and spend the rest of the day poking my pinkie finger into the corners to remove the goo that is pooling there. It's all very glamorous.

And it's making me absolutely insane.

My eye doctor thinks that because of the time of year we moved here, whatever it is that is waging war on my eyes wasn't blooming or the air was different. He thinks that last summer it reared it's ugly head and has done such a number on my eyes that the bumps living on my lids never fully disappear. Then, whenever it blooms or, well, whatever it does, the bumps flare up again.

They crust and goo and it's really quite unpleasant. And then there are the days where the conjunctivitis comes out of remission and it's a real party. There's twice as much crust and goo and we throw some serious watering and stinging and blurry vision in.

When I figure out what it is...we are going to have some serious words.


  1. Just come home. Problem solved!

  2. Mother,
    Tempting as that sometimes sounds, I think I like the feeling of wanting to rip my eyes out more than I would like the feeling of wanting to rip my heart out. I kind of like my husband. :-)

  3. Daughter, I meant ALL of you should come home! You nut.

  4. I had similar issues moving to Colorado (dry air, wind, etc) and previously when I moved to SD, interestingly enough. I switched my contacts to daily lenses and the problem was pretty much solved. I tossed the contacts after dinner and wore my glasses and would open a new pair the next morning. I think it allowed my eyes to heal. Good luck! Sometimes glasses are fun and a very cute accessory. Ha ha.

  5. Lori, I've had dry eyes for almost 20 years. It's gotten severe in the last 3 years. And I've got the crusties. Besides the millions in eye drops, the solution? drumroll please...$250 motorcycle goggles! To keep the dry air out. And they're way more chic than just regular glasses. he he
    See ya in September. Love Sabrina

  6. my dry eye issues aren't nearly as bad as yours, but i still wear my glasses all the time now and save my contacts for church and special "i want to look pretty" times. my eyes thank me.

  7. Poor Lori! Yeah! Eye crusty gooey is way no fun. I felt the same when I lived there. Contacts were a challenge, but the feeling of sheer bliss at taking them out was heaven-sent!
    Oh, and have you changed your air conditioning filters? Might help.
    I find it just so amusing that you were in San Diego (where I am now, born and raised) and moved to SLC (where I just moved back from not too long ago.)
    Maybe next time I'm up there visiting we can set up a play date and we can meet face to face. Go for a swim or something.
    Anyhow, you and your family are in mine and my families prayers constantly.
    Have a good one!

  8. My husband and I moved here last August and yeah, I know exactly what you mean. The only thing that helps (besides giving up on contacts and having heavy duty drops that address tear oil and water chemistry) is using a hot wash cloth over the eyes a couple times a day. It helps melt the oil in the eye glands so they don't get crusty.

    You have my sympathy. Incidently, menopause will only make it worse. Root for rapture ASAP!

  9. Sorry to hear that! It certainly sounds like a really unpleasant ordeal. I do think you still look cute in glasses, though! :)