Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sleepy Jumper

I've been trying off and on all morning to get a video to load. Blogger keeps telling me that my request could not be processed but offers no explanation as to why. I'm very sad.

This morning, when I stepped out of the shower, I realized that it was very quiet coming from the vicinity of the jumper. I peered around the corner and saw Matthew. He was sound asleep inside. My heart did flip flop pitter patters and then burst open with love for him--as is often the case when I watch my babies sleep. Then, without warning, he started jumping.


The kid was still asleep. I ran to grab the camera to take some video because it was the cutest thing. In the video, Matthew bounces a couple of times and then stops. He is asleep the entire time. Then he bounces some more. Then he stops for about thirty seconds. He is out cold. Finally, I whisper, "Hey, Matthew." I was trying to see if I could startle him enough to start jumping again--in his sleep. He doesn't move. Then I whisper, "Hey, Buddy..." His head shoots up, eyes wide open, and he begins jumping again. Happily. And exactly as if he'd never fallen asleep at all.

It's so cute. I desperately wish I could get stupid blogger to upload my video...or give me a clue as to why it won't.

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  1. Try uploading to Vimeo if you're using YouTube. (YouTube and Blogger are a bad, bad marriage in my experience.) And do it quickly, because I have to see this!!