Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It'll Be 3 Days In Paradise

We're taking off this afternoon for a whirlwind trip to San Diego. The plan is for us to spend the night with my great aunt and uncle in Hurricane, Utah. Tomorrow morning we will finish the trip to San Diego. We'll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then make the same stop on the way home, arriving back here next Tuesday.

Then we'll have a very busy two weeks of well kid check ups and the start of preschool and a bunch of meetings. Then we'll fly back to San Diego. The kids and me will be there for two weeks as we partake in wedding festivities and then as I attempt to not make a fool out of myself as I speak at the women's retreat.

But this trip...this trip is for my reunion. The only other official business we have is that Troy and I bought nose bleed seats to see Wicked. Yes, I've seen it twice already. Yes, I pretty much adore it and haven't grown tired of it at all. Yes, I know, we can't justify even nose bleed seats to the theatre except that the tickets are my birthday present.

I may be a bit quiet for the next week but I promise to return and regale you with stories of my reunion. Names will be changed to protect any cheerleaders who show up in their high school uniform, people who've come into money and choose to spend it getting sloshed at the bar, or any individuals who still party with each other on Friday nights and then have hangovers all weekend before returning to work on Monday morning at the handbag kiosk inside of North County Fair*.

I'm looking forward to it. I'm just sort of excited to see what some of my classmates have been up to over the past ten years. Maybe some of them live really exotic lifestyles that don't include systematically working their way through the Disney archives.

See you next week.

*I was going for comedic effect. Truly. I would never judge someone for working at a handbag kiosk. I don't even work. I sit on my derriere all day long eating ice cream and updating my blog. Sure, I have kids but they generally raise themselves. I just put an open box of cereal on the table and stock the fridge with cans of Red Bull and let them fend for themselves.


  1. Lori
    Grandps and I saw Wicked a couple of weeks ago. It was very good I know you will enjoy it again. However you might rethink "three days in paradise" It has turned extremly hot here. Hope to be able to see you while you are here. Grandma

  2. Please share all the details! I can't wait to hear how the reunion goes!

  3. I heard that Hefty cinch sack bags work great as a substitute for diapers... why get up to change them when you can just do it at the end of the day?