Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hottie Dogs

My son is so hilarious now that he can carry on conversations. Today, at Costco, he was explaining to everyone within earshot that he was about to get a hottie dog. He started calling them that several weeks ago which is weird because, until that point, they'd just been regular old hot dogs. Now they are affectionately referred to as hottie dogs which, when he says it, sounds very much like hockey dog. Anyway, so he was excited about getting a hottie dog and he informed everyone that his mommy was going to have a hottie dog, too, but that Baby Matthew couldn't have a hottie dog because he didn't have any teeth. Despite his sound logic, he was still sad that he couldn't share his beloved hottie dog with the baby. Several times he begged me to let him.

From formula straight to hot dogs. That, coupled with the couch cookies while we watch shows about weight loss, would probably put me in the running for Mother of the Year. Doncha think?


  1. I'm relatively new here, but I also was at Costco today and I am a big fan of hottie dogs too (luckily I have teeth and am able to enjoy them). Love your blog and your story.

    I am praying for the legal junk relative to your adoption. I've got a delicious chocolate baby too and we had our share of legal issues (different from yours, but I feel like I can relate a little bit). Hang in there!

  2. You forgot that the hottie dog was going to be out of the bun and that Papa had to have one too. I called Papa and informed him of just that and I let him know that it had to be from Tosco too, not just some random hottie dog, but a Tosco one.

  3. Dang it. Now I want a hottie dog.