Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Funnies and a Bloody

Today, as we exited the store, Garrett spied a cigarette lying on the ground. "Ew, yuck yuck. People die!" And the "die" was so overdramatic it was almost ridiculous. It was like bad acting where the performer grabs his neck and chokes several times. But at least he's learning young.

Yesterday, as I quizzed him.

Me: Where is Jesus?
Garrett: In my heart.
Me: What happened to him?
Garrett: He died.
Me: Then what happened?
Garrett: He rose again!
Me: Who was his mom?
Garrett: Mary.
Me: Who is his dad?
Garrett: God.
Me: Who was his earthly father?
Garrett: Mary.
Me: No, Mary was his mom. His daddy on earth was Joseph.
Garrett: Doe-huff.
Me: Who was the disciple Jesus loved?
Garrett: Mary.
Me: No, his name was John.
Garrett: Uncle Jon and Heather!
Me: Well, he loves them, too, but a different John. Who was the naughty disciple?
Garrett: ME!

I corrected him.

This morning I had to lug the boys to the pediatrician because Matthew got a nose bleed. He's been shooting bloody boogers out of his nose for over a week now but this morning was different. This morning it actually bled. All over two baby wipes.

After several medical professionals conferred, it was determined that we would do a strict regimen of saline nose drops and some sort of jelly junk to try to heal the bad blood vessel. If it isn't cleared up by next Tuesday, we'll have to see an ENT for a possible nasal surgery of some sort. Because the hits just keep coming.

And, it makes me want to call up Potential Birth Father and declare, "Alright, fight us for custody, but you'll want to have a good ENT lined up if you win. He has a bum nose. I can explain what that is if you need me to. I can also answer any plethora of parenting questions you have. Really I can. Try me."


  1. Oh my gosh - Garrett is hilarious...and smart too! Even if he does get confused, he knows a lot for a lil one.

    I'll be praying for Matthew's nose too.

  2. why is his nose bleeding. is it too dry here? Poor little guy. Garrett your so cute! Toddlers are our reward for surviving sleepless nights when they were infants.

  3. Tell Garrett I said he is awesome. It's stories like that that make me sad you live in Utahnia.

  4. Garrett is too cute!
    My son also gets nose bleeds ALOT. The doc gave me saline and that really helpped. So I pray it helps Matthew. If he does need to go the ENT its not a huge issue but it isnt pleasent especialy for a baby so young. Lets pray the saline works for him.
    I have really been praying for the whole DNA deal.
    Have a blessed day.

  5. ah, but it's such a cute little bum nose. praying that the saline works. praying you get wonderful news and today!

  6. Thinking about you guys a lot. Poor Matthew and his little nose-- I sure hope he doesn't need surgery. As always, we're praying for you and anxiously awaiting the next update about the paternity test (and I'm sure you are too!).

  7. I love Garrett's version of things. Hugs and prayers for Matthew.

    The new photos of the kids and your family are breathtaking. I can't stop staring at the one with all of your hands on Matthew. He was clearly meant to be part of your family.

  8. Who was the naughty disciple?
    - So he actually acknowledges that he is naughty? Haha~ just kidding.
    Garrett is so smart and adorable!

    My brother used to always have a nosebleed too. Thankfully it has already stopped.