Friday, November 30, 2007


Two days ago I met my bishop. Well, er, that is, I met who would be my bishop if I happened to be LDS. He and his wife, who live a few streets over, came to our door to welcome us. They were sorry they hadn't been over sooner, to help us unload. They were oozing hospitality. I think we Christians could learn a thing or two from the Mormons. (Not including their actual religious beliefs, mind you).

I've been here for three days and I have to say that Utah is (so far) not too bad. Love you, California, you'll always be the one. Oh it's freezing. Literally. It snowed the first morning we were here and is supposed to dump about six inches tonight. And oh how I am the minority. Which makes me feel uncomfortable and fiercely proud all at once. And then, there is the small fact that my parents are still here so I can't be too homesick yet. But come on, how could you not fall in love with this view:

This is a picture of the Wasatch Mountains taken from my driveway. They are gorgeous. And at night the valley is alive with Christmas lights and it I imagine hard enough it's almost like I live in the Hollywood Hills and I am looking down on Los Angeles, only there are huge mountains jutting out of L.A. instead of, like, an ocean. And, as promised, here is a picture of the house:

Remember that we are renting. No I did not inherit a bajillion dollars so that I could simultaneously own a home in Riverton, Utah and Ramona, California. Please go away interest only financial burden or what I like to call "Next time, maybe, trust your instincts and don't play around with creative financing." Anyway, all that to say that the house is pretty amazing. It's just a long way from the church which, after all, is why we're here.

Okay, folks, there you have it. I NaBloPMo'd my brains out. I blogged during the month of November. I used ellipsis wrong. I started sentences with and, but and because. I started in the south of California and ended in the north of Utah. But I so did it.


  1. WELL DONE!!! very crazy month for you,but i'm proud that you blogged every single day. so will it be a few weeks before we hear from you again? ;)

  2. The house is lovely. Glad to hear you got there safe and sound.
    And way to go on blogging everyday. I could not do that. Actually, just THINKING about doing that makes me want to pull my hair out.

  3. Wow. Nice house. Seriously. And Heather wants your front porch. And we both think you should take on the challenge of NaBloPoLi...if you don't get it, that stands for National Blog Posting Life. Yes. Because, seriously, what do I have to look forward to reading anymore? Please keep blogging it up. Oh, and I'd believe the 6 inches of snow for you guys, because dad said our storm was heading up to you guys (backwards) and its crazy here. The sidewalk is a river, the street is a lake...oh hey, there goes grandpa down the street in his boat...

  4. I have to write the letters "pewip" in the box below to leave you a comment. I think you should name your next child that, regardless of gender, Pewip Ellania, or Pewip Theodore, either way, it's a rockin' name.
    Nice house, and we know all about the creative financing, owning a house where you don;t need one anymore, and all that. :)
    Really nice view, please send more pictures when it is all covered in can send Troy out to take it, okay?
    Also, I am in agreement with your brother, write everyday. We love it, we want more...

  5. What a wonderful view and a wonderful front porch. That porch alone will make Jim jealous. God has been very good to you guys. Just think, he knew you'd call this place home way back before you and Troy were ever married!!! What an awesome God we serve.....


    PS- our coldest night was Saturday night and it was a mere 40 degrees

  6. I simply wanted to say what a beautiful home you have, and how truly happy I am for you, Troy, and Garrett!

    Love your blogging, keep it coming Lori!