Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jersey Boys

Today was our last "official" day at church, though I think I will probably be there next week while Troy and Garrett are in Oregon. Some have been asking when our last day in California is. The answer: We plan to leave on November 27.

In other news the husband and I saw Jersey Boys last and it was phenomenal. I agree with my friend, Kristin, that it starts a little slow. Not slow like I was bored outta my mind or anything, just slow like I wished it would pick up tempo. And then this musical number happens and the electricity is riveting and well, you kinda want to get up and dance but you refrain. Yah. It's like that.

And. Okay. So. Maybe my favorite song in all the world right now should not be a song about someone someone...whose name he doesn't even know, but it really just doesn't get better than this (I can't find a better video but man oh man I can't get the beat outta my head. And it's not like I've never heard this song before but in the context of the show...sigh)

I'm going to miss the Civic. I tried to soak in more ambiance than normal last night since I don't know if or when I'll ever be inside of it again. I tried to memorize the shade of the walls. I tried to sink into the fragments of the spotlight. I tried to think, for maybe one last time, what it would be like to perform there. I tried to remain detached, a constant student of the theatre. Instead, I found myself transfixed by Mary's eyes (through my binoculars, of course) during My Eyes Adored You. After all, that's what's it's all about, getting lost.

And, then, hopefully, being discovered.

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