Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday (as suggested by Bethany)

1. So, apparently, I have taken to spelling the word guard totally (as opposed to somewhat) incorrectly. I don't know why. I don't know if maybe it has something to do with the fact that my fingers just fly more quickly when I type it as "gaurd" or what. In any case, if you've noticed and if it's been bothering you, I sincerely apologize. I know how to spell it. I do. I promise.

2. We move in three weeks. Imagine my excitement over the fact that the wee one might have to have surgery somewhere in there. Yay! To make a really long story short, his umbilical hernia is doing something that his pediatrician hasn't seen...ever. It is, on occasion, becoming extremely hard and causing severe vomiting. Special. So tomorrow I can call to try to get an appointment with the surgeon who may or may not see fit to schedule my son for surgery before we move. Prayer regarding this issue would be much appreciated.

3. I finished niece and nephew Christmas shopping today. This is important because Troy is going to Oregon this weekend and needs to take some of them up. This will save me a dern lot of money on shipping.

4. I watched Kids By The Dozen on TLC last night. Insane.

5. We are desperately trying to figure out whether to take Evie, the feral cat who is now not so feral, to Utah with us. Pros: Well there aren't really any actual pros but we've been feeding her for years now and we'd just feel awful if she got cut off from her food source and forced to scavenge again. Plus the fact that I love her. (No, Heather, I do not condone the senseless biting and scratching she performed on your arm and hand. Love the sinner, not the sin.) Cons: Making the trip with a squawking, wild cat. Dealing with a cat who has been removed from her environment. Keeping her in the house while she acclimates. Etc. Etc. Etc.

6. How 'bout them Chargers. Marty is rolling on the floor giggling to himself and throwing back another beer. Way to go AJ. In other completely unrelated news, Brees threw for like a bajillion yards on Sunday. Just thought I'd mention, is all.

7. Still singing "Oh What A Night." Can't get it outta my head. "And now, coming to you live from Salt Lake City, fresh from Southern California, ladies and gentlemen, your pastor's wife..." Here is where you insert me with my curling iron microphone and awesome dance moves, "Oh what a night. Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me, she was everything I dreamed she'd be. What a lady what a night." And then Troy gets fired.

8. Dude. My road isn't a frackin' freeway. Slow down, man! TWENTY-FIVE! Step off your accelerator.

9. I have a "To Do" List. I cross off one thing and add seven in its place. One item reads, "Pack House." I wonder if maybe this should be twenty or thirty items or perhaps be listed as though it were an outline, like so:
1. Pack House
A. Living Room
i. photo albums
ii. decorations
iii. everything else
B. Family Room
i. movies
ii. DVDs
iii. CDs
iv. etc
C. Kitchen
i. oh gosh I don't even want to think about packing up the kitchen

10. Garrett has been awake since number three. It would probably be a good idea to retrieve him from his cage of blankets and dreams.


  1. Though in my head I have changed Evie's name back to Evil, I would be sad for her if she was left behind. Maybe the vet will sell you like a ten pack of tranqs...it might help the situation. That way there will be some left over when I come to visit. Just kidding.

  2. Leave the cat! Enough said. The Chargers are in a giant funk, and I'm sick to flippin' death of watching Rivers crumble like a Ritz cracker under pressure. Enough said. I don't envy you for having to pack up an entire house...and just in case you forgot, I do NOT want you to leave. Enough said.