Saturday, November 3, 2007

100 Things I Love: San Diego Edition

So when I asked for topics to write about, my friend, Joelle, from the "old" days back at PLNU, asked for a list of things I love about San Diego. She suggested putting them in ranking order which I will not be doing because of the sheer volume of lovable things about America Finest City. But, in any case, thanks for the idea, Joelle (missing you tons and remembering all the older days in the caf and the newer days when we lost each other and then found each other and then went to breakfast in Ramona and had the crazy mathless waitress).

100 Things I Love (and will miss) About San Diego (and surrounding areas, like my shower):

1. San Diego Chargers--huge football fan right here *emphatically jumps around wishing her husband was a pro player
2. In & Out. They don't have them in Utah and it is a travesty. Oh how I love you toasted bun.
3. My Mom. See I told you this wasn't in order. No, Mom, I don't love In & Out more than you. Chargers, maybe, In & Out...definitely not. Thanks for being one of my bestest friends. Let's not talk about how much I'll miss you.
4. Salomon Theatre
5. Kaiser Permanente. I know a lot of people hate you. I hate your billing department, it's true. But I love knowing the system. I love the doctors. I love you.
6. Mountain View Community Church
7. Sunsets over the ocean
8. The row of mailboxes when you drive into Ramona
9. Knowing my way around the grocery store
10. The smell of fall in a place without seasons
11. My insurance agent
12. Garrett's room. I love how it was Troy's old room and then it was the lonely place that needed a baby in it desperately and now it is his blue baby boy room.
13. World Famous San Diego Zoo
14. Horton Plaza
15. My students.
16. Gillespie Field where my Dad works. It was cool growing up and having a pilot dad.
17. The stretch of undeveloped land just after the Wild Animal Park on the way into Escondido that would be perfect for a movie.
18. The old house that sits on that stretch of land that would be perfect for a movie.
19. Jack Murphy Stadium. Alright. Fine. Qualcomm.
20. North County Fair
21. La Jolla Shores
22. My Dad. I don't love you less than mom, I just didn't want all the family in one giant order. Thanks for raising me and loving me and teaching me not to leave the lights on in rooms I'm not occupying.
23. Being able to make a day trip to Disneyland.
24. Hotel Del
25. My parents house
26. The pool at Mt. Carmel High School--so many CIF memories
27. My Grandma lives here
28. My other Grandma lives here
29. The dip on Wildcat Canyon. Get's me every time.
30. Beach Camping at Carlsbad or San Elijo
31. My Grandpa lives here
32. My other Grandpa lives here
33. The weather
34. Camping at Pinezanita
35. Sea Port Village
37. The Santee Drive-In Theater
38. San Diego Civic Theatre. I know all the best places to sit. I know how to get the good tickets on ebay. I love you. I'll miss you.
39. The hospital on Zion. One could argue that this should be included with Kaiser but the love is different. Since Garrett was born I now feel my heart swell with joy when I drive by it. So many fantastic memories of my first day with my son.
40. The leg shaving ledge in my bathtub
41. Lamb's Players. Your theatre is so quaint and wonderful and lovely.
42. Being near Hollywood.
43. Nuevo Grill warm chips and Caesar salad or Turkey Jack melt
44. The playground at the elementary school
45. The duck pond at Dos Picos Park
46. The border crossing. Home sweet USA.
47. Parkway Plaza
48. The Greek Ampitheatre at Point Loma
49. Coronado Bridge
50. My brother. The blog about youthful nostalgia is coming. You're my favorite brother and I already miss your laugh.
51. The Doubletree
52. Old Point Loma Lighthouse
53. Shelter Island
54. Point Break Cafe
55. Old Town
56. Balboa Park
57. Del Mar Fair or San Diego County Fair or whatever dumb name they changed it to.
58. Mama Rosa's.
59. My gynecologist. But there's already been a blog dedicated to this obsession.
60. Sea World
61. My aunts live here
62. My uncles live here
63. Sunset Cliffs
64. The baseball field at PLNU
65. Belmont Park
66. My cousins live here
67. So this really isn't in San Diego exactly but I love those "oddly" shaped power plant thingies on the 5. If you live here you know what I'm talking about. I'm 26 years old and I can't drive past them without cracking a smile.
68. San Diego Airport. I love that the terminals are circular and thus one does not have to walk all over the world like they do at most long terminal tunnelish airports.
69. Extraordinary Desserts. I only ate there once but man was it good.
70. Gus's in Point Loma. I love it. I so have to go there in the next three weeks oh my gosh.
71. Ramona Oaks Park
72. San Diego Padres
73. Jamba Juice on Rosecrans. I love Jamba Juice in general and there are Jambas everywhere but the one on Rosecrans has my heart more than any other.
74. The cute town of Coronado
75. Swap Meet...although I haven't taken advantage of this in far too long.
76. Point Loma Summer
77. Being two hours from Medieval Times
78. The view from my office window. So there's really no view, but the neighbor cats play in the yard and the leaves fall and it's peaceful.
79. The stars in the Ramona sky.
80. Warm Christmases. I gotta admit, I'm looking forward to a chilly Christmas but I just don't know anything but a So Cal Christmas and I love 'em.
81. Tom Ham's Lighthouse. Thanks for proposing Troy.
82. Ramona Trick or Treating down Main Street
83. Torrey Pines
84. The view as you fly in to Lindbergh field
85. Forever Fondue
86. La Cocina (Ramona's finest Mexican hole-in-the-wall dining. Should I ever get pregnant again, how will I satisfy the cravings?)
87. Downtown
88. The Living Room (Point Loma)
89. The trail by my parents house.
90. My friends. Anyone who still lives here. Even those of you I don't get to see nearly enough. Just knowing you're here is a joy. When I am there and you are here, I will miss you.
91. Presidio Park
92. Looking at the incredible homes that line Mission Beach
93. The caf at PLNU. So many memories both behind the scenes and eating with dear friends.
94. The spa at the club. So many swim team memories.
95. Ramona High School. I love the pool and the football field and all the other memories I have when I drive by.
96. Miguel's
97. Wild Animal Park
98. Mt. Woodson Golf Course. I don't golf but it's beautiful.
99. The Blue Tattoo. I've never even been in a nightclub but I love the fact that San Diego has one named this. It's just funny to me. It makes me laugh with affection...and kind of shame.
100. The whole darn county. I am in love with you. I want to fill in the Great Salt Lake. I want to wrap a huge blanket around you and put you in my moving van and plop you in the middle of it.

What we have learned is that I have a love affair going on with Point Loma and restaurants. What does that say about me, I wonder.


  1. Okay, so when you named a few restaurants on here, I immediately thought of Miguel's. Then I thought,"Hey, if she doesn't mention Miguel's, I can tell her she forgot one." But you remembered. Well played. You miss my laugh? What about it? Is it cool or something? Don't leave! Seriously. This is the lamest of the lame. LAAAAAME!

  2. so i know you didn't put them in order, but i love that the chargers are number one, i think if i was leaving that would be my number one too!!! i still can't believe you are moving or and you can add me as one of your avid readers!!! when is your last day here?