Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kimmy Gibbler Is Not My Friend

One of my dearest friends traveled down to visit me last night. We laughed about how I used to be engaged to a pathological liar. It's good to get to a point where you can laugh about something like that. I don't think I ever knew, though, that "The Ex Pathological Liar" told her she looked like Kimmy Gibbler. Now, I'm sure that looking like Andrea Barber would be just fine. She's nice looking, as is my friend, not that I'm saying they look anything alike because they don't. I'm just saying is all. But to tell someone she looks like Kimmy freaking Gibbler is just plain mean. If you look like Kimmy Gibbler, you might act like Kimmy Gibbler and, well, quite frankly, no one wants that. And Kristin does neither. Seriously. She neither looks nor acts like The Gibbler. Not that that statement is what made him pathological. There were...other things. Many, many other things. It just made him mean.

All this to say that, Kristin, if you're reading this. You're beautiful. You're gorgeous in a Scandinavian way...or whatever it is you are. And you look nothing like Gibbler.


  1. Well, upon furter pondering, I've decided that not only was said ex-boyfriend a mean, pathological liar, he was also a BLIND, mean, pathological liar. Kristin, if you read this, you are beautiful and very un-Kimmy Gibblerish.

  2. Wait, are we talking about Froberg? 'Cause if we are, then all I have to say is, "HAHAHAHAHA!" Thats great. She doesn't even resemble her. If we're not talking about Froberg, then discount this comment.