Monday, March 28, 2011

Water & Wine

I read Garrett chapter books at night. Among the books read, are some of The Magic Treehouse series, Charlotte's Web, Little House in the Big Woods, The Trumpet of the Swan and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (partial list). We're currently working out way through Prince Caspian.
A few nights ago, we were nestled under the covers in my bed. With him cuddled into my body I read. "As soon as it was full daylight he left the road and found an open grassy place amid a wood where he could rest. He took off Destrier's bridle and let him graze, ate some cold chicken and drank a little wine, and presently fell asleep."

"What's wine?" the four-year-old inquired.

"Uh. It's a drink." I replied and then continued, "It was late afternoon when he awoke. He ate a morsel and continued his journey, still southward, but many unfrequented lanes."

"Mommy, I'm thirsty," Garrett said suddenly.

Troy was downstairs so I said, "Okay, go downstairs and ask daddy to get you some water." He jumped out of bed and dashed down the steps.

"Daddy, Mommy told me to ask you for some water."

"Water? Okay." Came the reply.

"And some wine," Garrett added. I quickly made the connection to Prince Caspian but Troy, having no idea that I'd just read about Caspian drinking wine, was stumped.

"What? Wine?" He asked, surely confused. We don't drink wine ourselves because BLECK! and we certainly don't give it to our children. I used to have a bottle in the fridge for cooking but ever since moving to Utah I find it entirely too complicated to even find it. It doesn't exist. Except in state liquor stores. And I don't even know where those are. I dissolved into laughter and called down the explanation to my husband.

"Okay," he yelled up, "that makes sense. I was wondering where he'd get the idea to ask for wine."

Personally, I blame C.S. Lewis.

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