Monday, March 7, 2011

Trevor 4

I got a message on Facebook asking for a Trevor update. I'm so sorry I've left you all in the dark. Here are the two most recent updates.

March 3 Update from Julie:

Trevor got his trach tube changed out this morning at about 8:30 before I got to the hospital. When I walked into the room, Kenny held his finger over the trach and Trevor said "I can talk again" and "I love you". Best words ever heard, even though they were low and rattly. They are fitting him for a speaking valve to go over the top of the trach tomorrow, so he can talk more (not sure how that will sound) . We got settled into our new room out of ICU. We are now in the Neuro Trama Unit. He will start a pretty rigorous therapy program on Monday. We stay here until his surgery on the 11th and then back to ICU for recovery.

He was able to go for a ride in a wheelchair today instead of just sitting in bed. This was a nice change, but he got tired pretty fast. His days and nights are turned around, so they just gave him some medicine to help him sleep. I am so happy about his progress, but also know there is a long road ahead. Continued prayers please.

March 6 Update from Julie:

Today was a good day. Trevor is getting stronger each day. He sat by the side of his bed today so they could see if he could put any weight on his legs. He could not hold himself up, but was holding some weight. Tomorrow starts his physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions in the morning and afternoon. They don't recommend visitors until after 5:00 because he will either be in therapy or napping because of therapy. He had his bedside assessment for swallowing yesterday. They gave him some blue applesauce so they could see if he swallowed it or if it came out of his tracheotomy. He passed and failed because half went down and the other half came out of the trach. He was very disappointed that he failed the test because he couldn't get anything to drink. I told him that he did not fail, since he couldn't swallow at all before - it just takes time. He planned his welcome home party today with lists of what he is going to eat and drink when he gets out of here. He is trying to bribe Maci into smuggling some orange juice in for him. His cough is much stronger and he doesn't need to have suction much for his trach anymore. His surgery is still scheduled for this Friday, so prayers for that and his full recovery are still coveted.

He had alot of his friends from school visit yesterday and today, which helped his outlook alot. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

God is doing amazing things in Trevor's life. Obviously he has a very important surgery coming up--please pray for the doctors during that operation. I will try to keep you updated more frequently.

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  1. I'm writing the surgery on my calendar! I'll be praying till then and until I hear some news. Thanks for the update! ~Jenn, Glendale, CA