Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bear Boxes and Life Vests

Last night we decided that instead of driving straight to Oregon and back again this summer, we'll make a big loop. It only adds about 300 miles to the trip and we get to go camping in Tahoe for five nights on the way. (Read: WAHOO!)I've never gone camping in Tahoe--usually we stay in the cabin of a family friend. It will be a new experience staying at D.L. Bliss for two nights and then in Tahoe City for three.

This morning I booked the campsites and then told The Rock Star.

I should have waited.

"I want to stay in the same cabin we stayed at last time." He told me.

"We can't, Bud," I told him. "It isn't available for us to use this summer. We're going to stay in a tent." Despite loving to sleep in a tent, he was very disappointed. (We all love ourselves some pea green cabin.) Wanting him to be as excited as I am, I shouted the first thing I could think of, "We have to put our food in a bear box!"

His eyes widened in enthusiasm, "THERE ARE BEARS? What's a bear box?"

After I explained it to him and after he had to call my parents to proclaim the joy of Lake Tahoe, he ran outside, giggling. Moments later he came in with both boys' life jackets. "Let's pack!"

We're arriving in Tahoe late on July 3rd. I don't feel the need to pack just yet. "We don't need to pack today." His little face fell and he looked up at me with big eyes.

"Can you at least think about letting me pack today?"

I managed to convince him that we don't need to pack until at least June. So instead, he's been quizzing me about bear boxes and telling anyone who will listen that bears are going to try to eat our food.

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  1. Awesome! Yay camping! So glad you get to go to Tahoe this summer!