Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Cup

There are two sites that may have been the location of Christ's crucifixion. One of them, the traditional site, is now occupied by The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of the old city. A second site is near a place commonly referred to as The Garden Tomb. The Garden Tomb is thought by many to be the garden and tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, and is a possible site of the resurrection of Jesus. The area is a quiet, beautiful place for worship and reflection. I've been to both and I believe that the church in the old city is built on Golgotha.

But I want it to be near the garden.

The garden is peaceful and contemplative. The church is stunning and ornate but impersonal. I felt crowded and detached and, try as I did, I simply couldn't feel the sense of awe and wonder that I expected. But at the garden, as I walked the grounds and felt the breeze on my face, it was not difficult to connect--in profound ways--to my faith.

As a group we took communion in the garden. I don't remember the bread but I don't think I'll ever forget the cup. A tray of tiny wooden cups was passed around. I searched with my eyes for a cup with imperfect markings. I simply didn't feel worthy to take communion in Jerusalem--so close to where my Savior first broke the bread and poured out wine. I needed a cup with a giant blemish, a cup that would reflect its holder.

We brought those cups home with us. Somehow, nearly six years later, Troy's resides in the playroom. Garrett confiscated it awhile back and uses it as a cup for his toys. This reminds me that it isn't the cup that's important. It isn't even what's inside the cup that matters. What matters is what it represents and what it means to the believer who drinks from it.

The cup stands about two inches tall and is capable of holding about a tablespoon of liquid. Today, Garrett had a friend over. I was in my room making the bed with fresh sheets while they were playing across the hall. I heard my son tell his friend, "This is what my daddy drank out of in Israel." After a quick pause he continued, "They sure don't give people much water over there."

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