Friday, March 11, 2011

Trevor 6

Trevor started the day with an MRI at 9:45 to make sure the surgeon had a very clear road map of his brain. We were supposed to be in surgery at 11:00, but did not get there until 12:45. The surgery was completed at about 6:30.

Many prayers were answered today. The surgeon is 99% confident that they were able to remove the entire AVM. They will do an angiogram on Monday to make sure. When they got inside, they found that the swelling had gone down so well that they decided to put his bone flap back on today as well. This was a great surprise, as we were originally told that would be put back in about 6 weeks. That would have meant another surgery.

This weekend they are going to keep him pretty sedated more for pain than anything and see how he wakes up on Monday. Such a relief that this day has come and gone the way that it did. The doctor said that everything went according to plan and there were no worries!

Thank you so much again for your prayers today and every day.

I flew to San Diego today so that I can speak at a women's conference tomorrow. You can bet that I was lifting Trevor up in prayer! Praise God! And, if you think about praying for me tomorrow, I'd appreciate it. I'll be speaking three times between the hours of 9 and 2.

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  1. Wonderful update! Wish I could be there tomorrow, I would love to hear you speak. Youll be great!!