Saturday, January 1, 2011


While you are all waiting for Lori's return and the chance to view her new hairstyle, the understudy (husband) has been conscripted to fill this space with a post or two just in case you wondered what was going on in the land of Doozleberry.

Certainly, I'm not as entertaining of a writer, so in addition to the picture of the boys above I'm going to enlist a video from the Rock Star taken about a month and a half ago. Now before you view this video I feel the need to tell you that sometimes the Rock Star morphs into the goofball. He has all sorts of strange faces, alter egos, and voices. The other day he was pretending to be a sheep. I don't know why. It might have had something to do with all the practices for our church nativity play which did include shepherds. Then again it might be because Little Buddy wants to watch Timmy Time non-stop.

At any rate, when Garrett turns into a sheep this is what it looks like:

At least he's rarely ever a sheep. Full of it quite often, but not often a farm animal.


  1. Hey the understudy did a fine job! And what an adorable sheep you two have :-)

  2. The picture of the boys is so cute, such handsome guys. That video cracked me up, Scarlett LOVES Shaun the Sheep and makes some pretty sweet sheep sounds but doesn't do sheep talk like that, hes too funny.