Sunday, January 23, 2011

Born That Way?

I didn't teach my son to be inherently male. Maybe society did. Maybe he was just born that way. When we were in Oregon for Thanksgiving, everyone was gone. I was alone at the house with my son, my niece (age 7) and my nephew (age 5). They were playing some kind of make believe game where the world was ending and bad guys were coming and doom and destruction were, apparently, imminent.

Garrett: (Running down the hallway) AHHHHHH!
Colby: (Chasing Garrett) Oh no! Hurry!!!
Gracie: (Following behind them) They're coming!
Garrett: I need to get my helmet on!
Colby: I need to get my helmet and my sword!
Gracie: (After a short pause) I need to save my babies!

Right now my son is enthralled with knights and battle and saving the world. I haven't nurtured the warrior in him. I am rather convinced that he was born that way.


  1. Has he discovered the Bibleman videos yet?

  2. In the 2s & 3s on Sunday, two boys were playing with the plastic animals, having them attack each other and making growling noises. Brooklyn joined the play by putting the animals side by side, playing very sweet and gentle with them. It is God's design that boys and girls are different, and boy are they.