Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Artist

Daddy and The Rock Star were sitting at the table working on Bible homework for Kid's Club. Mommy was in the kitchen, making dinner, to keep the hungry troops happy. The Little Buddy was down in the family room, in full view of Mommy. She thought he was being incredibly well behaved and self entertained. She decided not to question it.

That was her first mistake.

Daddy and The Rock Star continued to work. He repeated his verse, Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men." Daddy helped him learn the reference. Mommy cooked. The Little Buddy moved to the short staircase that separates the family room from the kitchen. Mommy thought it was strange that he was being so quiet, so still, so good. She decided not to question it.

That was her second mistake.

Daddy and The Rock Star finished his homework. Daddy got up and walked past The Little Buddy. "No. Oh no. No no no no no no!" Mommy had failed to see the three inch marker gripped tightly in The Little Buddy's hand. Her quick glances in his direction as she cooked had not allowed her the time to process that he was busy making murals out of her walls.

Daddy scolded. Mommy grabbed cleaning supplies.

If she'd known how easily it was going to come off, she would have surely taken a picture. But she didn't have the presence of mind. She cleaned the wall and, when done, turned to walk up the stairs. That's when she saw the other wall. And the floor. He'd created quite a masterpiece right before the very eyes of his mother, father and older brother. The last of which would have gladly tattled had he noticed.

It wasn't until after dinner that it was discovered that The Little Buddy had also drawn marvelous artwork all over one of Mommy's books. And the couch.


  1. What is it about markers? They show up so much better and brighter than regular old crayons on the walls I guess. Seems like every kid has a turn or two at this special art work for mommy!
    RE: the picture taking. I sometimes wonder at moms who stop to take a pic and then punish the kid, must be very confusing!