Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Weekend

I got to San Diego on Saturday afternoon. I came back to Salt Lake on Monday afternoon. It was a quick trip with one thing in mind, to attend my friend's San Diego wedding party. Marissa was my maid of honor nearly seven and a half years ago. She was married last October to her husband, Gene.

I couldn't make it to her wedding because it was in Maryland. I didn't have airline miles that would get me to her because, for some reason, airfare from Salt Lake to Maryland was ridiculously expensive. Her parents were planning to throw her and her new husband a party so that people in San Diego could celebrate with them. So we talked and agreed that using airline miles to get to San Diego (Long Beach, actually, but my parents were kind enough to come pick me up) in January would be better than borrowing money from somewhere to get to Maryland in October.

So that's what I did. And, well, I sent a nice gift. Another thing that would have been severely compromised had I gone to Maryland.

Except that the day she got married all I could think about was how I should have been there. It really kind of killed me softly. Or slowly. Or something.

But then January came and I flew out to see her and meet her new husband.
Clockwise from left: Jayni, Gene, me, Marissa.

First of all, when did I actually start looking 30? Is it the hair? Because you know what, I don't want to to look 30 but when I saw both of these girls they literally flipped out about how much they loved it and insisted that I don't do anything to change it. Ever. Well maybe not ever. Maybe when I'm 80 I can get one of those old lady haircuts where you go in for a wash and a style weekly and don't really touch your head any other time. But, wait, do I look 30? Or is it, maybe, a figment of my imagination?

It was a Chamber of Commerce day. Really, the entire weekend was probably high 70's. I might have momentarily thought that I'd died and gone straight to heaven.

I've known Jayni for 22 years. She came to my eighth birthday party.

I've known Marissa for 18 years. She moved in up the street from me and we were joined at the hip for our teenage years.

I've known Gene for three days. But I sure enjoyed spending Sunday afternoon with him.

It was so good to visit with Jayni and Marissa. We always seem to pick up where we left off. And I love them both dearly. And I'm so glad that I had air miles.

And I'm decidedly not wearing short sleeves anymore.


  1. Ahem... THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING OVER 30! So who cares if you look it, which, um, you don't. You do however, suddenly look a lot like your mom, or at least the pictures of her that have appeared on this blog. Also, what's wrong with short sleeves?

  2. Jen,
    There is NOTHING wrong with short sleeves. You just don't wear them when it's snowing outside.

  3. oh good. well, not that it is snowing, but that the snow is your reason. i was worried you thought there was something wrong with the way your arms look... which of corse there is not.