Monday, January 17, 2011

I Am Blessed

I was away for the weekend--more on that at a later date, when my mom emails me a picture. Because, you know, I had a camera and didn't use it. So I was away. And my boys held down the fort. Troy took a picture of them on Sunday morning. Their hair was done and they were dressed for church. See, we do okay was the caption. The Rock Star fell and got a bloody nose last night. The Husband took care of it.

So what we learned is that I'm really not overly needed around here.

Except that when they picked me up Troy said, "This weekend proved that I can do the single dad thing but I definitely prefer not to."

I was gone for two days. And my boys faces were all so perfectly handsome when I looked at them. Their smiles so much more sparkly and wonderful than I remembered.

It's good to get away without them from time to time.

And it's so good to come back to them.


  1. Troy cracks me up!! I could almost hear him saying that. How nice that he was okay with you leaving and that he was able to keep the kids alive while you were gone. Good Job Troy!!! It's nice to know how much we are appreciated.