Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am energized by summer. Invigorated. Inspired. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, sun kissed skin, flowers, fruit on the day before it becomes overripe. And, most of all, sunscreen soaking into warm skin. Especially the warm, soft skin of the two kids I love most in the entire world. I love their grins as we woosh down the water slide at the pool, adore their faces as they clumsily dance down the slip and slide, and celebrate that I can send them outside into the sunshine.

I've always been a summer kind of girl. Move me to the tundra and that love is amplified. Fierce. Frenzied. Fall is coming. I can see it hovering over the horizon, desperate to make its appearance in about a month. And autumn is alright. It brings with it hot chocolate and warm fires and, well, football. But it chases away the smell of sunscreen and chlorine and lazy breezes. It serves as the buffer between glorious sun and frozen rain. It ushers in the cold and the cold lasts for what seems like forever.

I plan to shove as many pool days, picnics, and sunshine into this last month. Because I'm a summer girl and the fall is trying to creep up on me.

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  1. I heart summer too. As of tomorrow mine is ending since I go back to work. sigh.
    We can both soak up as much sun as possible. Ready, set, go..........