Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gender As Determined By Garrett

Awhile back we were picking up some pictures at Costco. Both of my boys were riveted to a music video with Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith. As they both bopped to the beat, clips from The Karate Kid flashed and The Rock Star became somewhat fascinated with "A-rot-i". So I waited and eventually the film showed up at our dollar movie theatre.

I took him this afternoon. First, is it wrong to put my young children through a rigid exercise routine now so that when they're 12 they have the body of one Jaden Smith? Seriously.

Second, when we got home and The Rock Star was telling his dad about the movie he kept saying things like, "The naughty boy in red beat up the girl." and, "The girl learned aroti."
So then I was all, "Dude, say what?" Because there was a girl. But she played the violin. She didn't learn Kung Fu. I explained to him that the main character--our protagonist, if you will--was, indeed, a boy.
He laughed hysterically. "No. She had all those curlies."
By curlies he means this...

Apparently my son follows a strict hair code. Short hair=boy. Long hair=girl. End of story.

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