Sunday, August 15, 2010

He's Learning New Words

The Little Budster's been learning more words. He doesn't say too many of them without prompting but he's added "doll" and "me" and a handful of other unintelligible words. He does some sort of grunt for "airplane" and a very animated dance number and babble that, apparently, means "toothbrush". He also learned the signs for "please" and "thank you" in about a day and a half. Although, thank you is accompanied with a smacking noise and looks a lot like he's blowing a kiss. Anyway, this morning my shirt was hopelessly wrinkled so I was walking around without it while I waited for the iron to warm up. I went to get Matthew up. It's been hot so he's been sleeping in just pajama bottoms. He flashed me his famous smile, stood, walked to the end of the crib and got a funny look on his face. Then he pointed at me, grabbed his own chest and exclaimed, "BAA!"

Uh. Is it safe to say that one of Matthew's first ten words spoken was bra?

Yeah. I thought so.

Oh boy.


  1. Hilarious and a whole lot ot other thoughts that I won't put on your blog!

  2. one of Ella's first words was 'boom-boom' (boobs).