Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures At The Pool

When we left for the pool today it was boiling hot and there was only one puffy white cloud in the sky. After 35 minutes of fun we were "hailed" out. As we hightailed it to the car The Rock Star screamed, "My eye, my eye! Naughty rain!" I explained to him that it was, in fact, frozen rain. (His eye is fine, by the way.)

While we were there, The Rock Star slid down one of the slides. It dumps him into water that is just shallow enough for him to touch. As soon as he spurted out into the water, while he was searching for his footing, a much bigger girl sailed down and missed him by about an inch. He swam over to me and declared, "Mommy, I almost got hit by that MORON!"

It was one of those parenting moments where I was desperately trying to chastise the child but what he said and the way he said it kept replaying in my mind and it was just so funny. I alternated between trying with all my might not to laugh and telling him that we don't call people morons. Later I asked him where he'd heard that word. I mean, certainly I mutter it under my breath from time to time while I'm driving (because, apparently, I don't take my own parenting advice) but I don't usually scream it for the children to hear. I'm fairly certain that someone on Cars says it at some point but I couldn't remember, exactly. He told me that he learned it at school.

Me: What? At school?
Him: Yeah. There are lots of morons in outer space.
Me: What? There are morons in space?
Him: Yeah. They are super fast rocks.
Me: (thinking aloud) Fast rocks. Morons. Fast rocks. Comet? Meteor? (louder) Garrett, do you mean a meteor?
Him: Oh. Yeah. Meteor.


  1. My much needed daily chuckle.

  2. "Mac? I ain't no Mac, I'm a Peterbuilt for dang sake. Turn on your lights, you moron."

    That boy of yours. I'm still laughing.

  3. Haha! That's hilarious! Meteor, moron... They're the same right?

    They do say it in Cars. I think a big rig says "Turn your lights on, you moron!" to Lightning while he's lost. I haven't seen it too much or anything.