Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pesky Brothers

Have I told you about my brother? He was born pesky and I'm sure that, one day, he'll die pesky. That's just the way it is with brothers. The boys are being taught a lot of lessons on sharing right now. This is because The Little Buddy takes his brother's toys. All. The. Time. We explain that, unless Garrett was actively playing with something, he needs to share it with his brother and stop that incessant wailing and yanking of said toy out of his brother's hands. Obviously, if Garrett was playing with whatever it is then Matthew has to give it back. The other night my boys were about to get in the tub. The Little Buddy climbed in first and took possession of a toy. The Star climbed in a minute later and took the toy. I watched it happen and demanded that he hand the object back to his little brother. "But mom," he bemoaned, "we share in this family!"

When it is convenient for him, apparently we share in this family.

I yelled down to The Husband, who was washing dishes, "I feel the need to call my brother and apologize."

A few minutes later Garrett was lying flat in the tub, belly down. Matthew climbed on top of his legs, also lying belly down, cackled, and bit Garrett in the butt. It wasn't vindictive. He wasn't mad. It was nothing more than a nibble, really.*

Which is pretty much how I remember it. I applied the rules to my little brother and, minutes if not hours later, he smiled and placed some form of retaliation upon me. Likely he did it with a smile because, as I said, he was pesky.

Garrett is the controlling brat factor (a.k.a. Me) and Matthew is the pesky little ankle--read:butt--biter (a.k.a. Jon).

Anyway, Pesky Jon left a comment a few days back asking to see pictures of The Rock Star with all of his "Hi. I'm a Boy and Therefore I Must Be Wounded At All Times" glory.
The first busted lip. He achieved this by losing his footing on our concrete steps.
I don't have a picture of the second busted lip which was accompanied by a bloody nose when he somehow redirected as he jumped--from a sitting position--off the counter and his face ricocheted off the floor.
The black eye and bruised cheek he got from somehow running into a chair at church. I wasn't there to witness this one so...the logistics are beyond me.

*Garrett actually laughed. Which was good if not slightly disturbing.


  1. Yes, I was the only pesky child mom and dad had. Maybe one day, Matthew will be bigger than Garrett. Then the tables will turn.

  2. oh my gosh, my boys have new bruises and cuts everyday! i won't be posting.... don't want CPS showing up at my door, lol. my boys are fearless and hurt themselves all the time. It is what being a boy is all about =) My two brothers where the same way!

  3. Zoe has had her share of bruisings and falls and such, but boy did I get the LOOKS from passers by after each of her eyelid lift surgeries! Sporting a huge black eye with the stitch lines, I can only imagine the silent names I was being called in the minds of the moms watching me stroll her around. It doesn't help also that her stance for running is that of Phoebe off of "Friends", and we weekly have a new area requiring boo boo cream lol :)

  4. Jon, you should write a blog about the "bossy" sibling, because we definitely had one of those too!