Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Because Lori and the boys are enjoying their time in San Diego The Husband was enlisted to pinch hit on the blog just so that you can continue to read about the happenings of all things Doozleberry.* Firstly, here is the brief report from my wife in sunny SoCal:

. . . I'm busy having fun and when I'm not busy having fun Matthew is sleeping in the room with the computer. We've been swimming twice and Garrett is turning into a regular fish. We spent the day at the beach with my parents and bro and Heather yesterday and the marine layer was gone for a total of about two hours. Because of that trip, I'm still finding sand on the boys. Today was great seeing all our friends from our previous church and tonight I'm seeing my Grandpa. And then the Emmy's so yeah!

Now that you are caught up on the recent family happenings, let me rewind to a week ago, back in the Beehive state. Lori and I and the boys had decided to spend last Monday (one of the last days of summer as determined by the school calendar) going to the local pool with the boys. Much to our chagrin when we arrived we found that local place of watery fun was already on the school calendar and did not open until the evening. This left us with a disappointed Rock Star--thankfully Little Buddy wasn't so aware of the fun that had just been deleted from his itinerary. So, we improvised. I think I promised a popsicle or something similar to keep the tears from flowing and then we returned home and pulled out our very own slip-n-slide.

It wasn't quite the pool and it was much colder than I would have liked, but much fun was had by all. Well, except maybe the wife. She didn't not partake in the day's slippery fun. Instead, she took pictures while her boys played in the water. In truth, I think she was much happier that way. Anyway, here are a few pictures of one of those perfectly ordinary family afternoons that you hope you never forget :

Is it just me or does look like Little Buddy is pretending to luge, expression and all.

Later, I became a surfboard, or sled, or . . . whatever . . .

So it ended up being a good day after all. Maybe if I get a chance I'll tell you about how the next night the Rock Star and I got the chance to see our AAA baseball team the Salt Lake Bees.

*Of course most of you know that Doozelberry is not our real name, thank goodness. I'm just wondering why our alternate last name couldn't have been something a little more classic like a really good stage name.

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