Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Weeks In Pictures

Matthew's first plane ride was uneventful. He fell asleep right after take off, woke up for a bottle and then we landed.

We took both boys to visit my dad at his office. Yeah, his office is pretty much a helicopter.The next day my mom and I took the boys to The Wild Animal Park. They had a blast and met a lion. Well, alright, so they didn't actually meet her. She just sat behind the glass and roared.
Then we had a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and drove a couple hours. We spent the night in a hotel, had a court appointed psychological evaluation, had a meeting with Matthew's birth father and then with his birth mother.
Then my brother got married.
Matthew was there too but I didn't get a family picture on my camera. My sister-in-law got a good one and I'll try to post it later. Garrett was perfect. He trailed a flower girl down the aisle. He stopped when she stopped. He went when she went. He was awesome. Of course, my brother and his wife were pretty impressive as well. I've never seen my brother smile bigger than he did that day.
On Monday I spent time with my good friends Michelle and Kelli. We had lunch (thanks Kelli!) and then took the boys to a park to play. It was great catching up with them and Garrett fell in love with "Karsie's Mom". Kelli, I'm sure he loved you too it's just that he's obsessed with Karsie.
On Tuesday we took my big man to Disneyland. (Thank you so much Maritza for the tickets and Sabrina for the gift card!) He had a blast. He rode the rockets four times, Pirates of the Carribbean three times, and a slew of other rides once. He met Mickey and he totally thought he was meeting the mouse he watches on television. It was adorable. He also met Pluto and insisted on kissing his nose.
This was taken on Pirates--before I saw the sign that flash photography is forbidden. Oops. Sorry, Disneyland. I totally didn't mean to break the rules. I'm posting it because have you ever seen bigger green eyes in your whole life? I didn't think so.
Here we have Garrett and his Papa driving Autopia cars.
We came home and I totally vegged for two days, preparing for the retreat that was coming. On Friday my mom, Matthew and I headed up to a campground in Julian. I spoke four times. On Saturday two of my aunts, my cousin and my grandma came up to hear me.

Garrett and Matthew also got to see their Grandpa Gary while we were in San Diego because he flew in for my brother's wedding. They also spent some time playing with their cousins. It was an extremely busy half of a month but it was fantastic.


  1. That is a completely adorable rule breaking picture of Garrett. J

  2. I enjoyed the update and photos. Will you post notes on how the meetings with the birth parents went? You referenced Friday as a difficult one in an earlier post.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  4. wow you were so busy. Hope you get to rest a few days now that you are home.

  5. Aahh.. how I love the color of Garrett's huge eyes! And I'm so jealous because he was able to visit Disneyland before I did. LOL! :)