Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Grown Up

Today I am 28.

Today I am the mother of a preschooler.

Yes, it's true, my first baby--who I am quite certain was born yesterday--is now in preschool. We chose a music based school and, four hours a week, he will learn through song and play. We had orientation last Thursday and he was so excited for today to get here.

He wore new shirts from his Damma and, lemme tell you, he did not understand why we were putting two shirts on him. He thought we had lost our marbles for sure. Of course he could have worn one or the other but he just looks like such a little stud in both.
Here is his "I just ate eggs and toast and I'm ready to head off to my institution for higher learning--what? It's just preschool? Mama say what?" face.
He very much loves this pirate boat. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he came walking out to me with it shoved up his shirt.
I don't have a clue how I'm old enough to have a preschooler. I also don't have a clue why there were mothers standing in the hallway, looking through the two-way mirror at their children, sobbing. Hysterically. And by hysterically I mean that these women had mascara running off the tips of their noses. I was thinking to myself, "Really? It's for two hours. Have you never left your kid for two hours?" But then, maybe I'm just an insensitive loser of a mom. I love me some Garrett. I really, really do. Watching that boy is like watching everything good about me flitting from one toy to the next. But I can leave him for two hours. I'm about to go pick him up and I am confident that he will still be in one piece. Plus, I haven't gotten a call suggesting otherwise.

So, no, I didn't have a huge problem leaving him at preschool. Sure, it tore my heartstrings a little to realize he is actually big enough to be there. But it tore them even more when I realized that I'm only two years away from 30. Shredded 'em right in half when I thought about that happy little tidbit.

I guess we're both all grown up now. He's three. I'm 28. There's no looking back now...


  1. ohmygosh, i'd so be one of those lame moms with mascara running off the tip of her nose (though i think i'd be smart enough to remember NOT to put any mascara on that morning). in fact, just reading about garrett going to preschool and thinking about tristan doing the same is making me tear up. can i still blame it on post-partum hormones even though i gave birth 3 months ago?

  2. I remember some very wise words spoken by a psychologist at one of your orientations. While many many parents (dads included) were sobbing hysterically he said, "Now remember parents, this is what we raise our children to do....grow up and stand alone. If you have done your job, then they are ready to do just that." That was your college parent orientation. You are smart to let Garrett start with baby steps and to embrace the significance of what each milestone brings. I'm glad that he ended up having a good time and that 'he didn't put to much pepper on his eggs.' I just wish Papa and I could have been there to watch him trudge off.

  3. Personally, I was the "I can't wait till they go to school" parent. And you can feel old when your oldest turns 30. That'll do it to you. J

  4. Happy birthday!Hope you and Garrett have a fabulous day today.

  5. 1. Music based preschool? YEA!!

    2. I'm fairly confident that while I was at Target today using the old, "if I put the baby in the car and take him someplace, he might finally stop crying" routine I looked at a Pirate ship toy very much like that one and reallyreally wanted to buy it. Sadly it seems probable if your 3 year old is playing with it at preschool, my son is not ready.

  6. 4 hours a week at a music based school? Sweet.

    So you'll be 30 right when he starts Kindergarten? Perfect! Gat all those major transitions over with in one major swoop!

    And then one day, they get married! Yikes!

    My word verification is Sucki!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    Yay for Preschool!

    And is there an email address I can send you an email at? I am one of your followers who happens to be adopted and would like to share some stuff with you but not in a comment. :)

    You can email me your address at mkizzar@gmail.com

    Only do so if you feel comfortable. I'm not a crazy, just wanted to lift you up as I have been praying for you lots lately.

    My name is Maritza and I happened upon your blog by way of Jessica...I'm a friend of hers. :) :)

  8. Well, happy birthday beautiful mama!