Monday, September 28, 2009

Boo For Top Cat Limousine Service

Uhhggg. Or however you spell a deep sigh of disappointment. I'm back in Utah and I'm all ready to tell you about the retreat, Disneyland, the Wild Animal Park, and my brother's wedding. But uhhggg because I can't. Not yet. Because I have to blog about something else instead.

My brother's wedding was lovely. I'm entirely certain that isn't the word he'd use to describe it but, well, from a girl's viewpoint that's exactly what it was. Everything went perfectly until Top Cat Limousine didn't show up. They were supposed to be there at 9:30. At 10:30, when they still weren't there, the photographer (who lives in Thousand Oaks) offered to drive my brother and his bride to their hotel way up by LAX. Jon and Heather were disappointed but weren't letting the no show limo--which my brother called to confirm two days prior to his wedding--ruin their magical day. They headed off into the night in the photographer's vehicle.

My parents didn't want to wait until they returned from their honeymoon to take care of the missing limo. Today, a week after they started trying to get an answer from the company, they are no closer. They asked for the card to be credited and they asked for some kind of compensation--this was their wedding night for crying out loud. I assume that the card, by now, has been credited although it hadn't been as of this morning. As for why they weren't there, no explanation or apology has been offered. Antonio, the person my parents have been dealing with, said that they contract out and, therefore, it wasn't Top Cat's fault. Really? Then why is their name the one on the top of the bill? My parent's asked them to pick Jon and Heather up at LAX tomorrow, when they get home. They aren't going to do that and, when my parent's explained that they would tell family and friends not to use the company, that it would be put on facebook and blogged about, Top Cat Limousine didn't seem to care. They seemed, in fact, indifferent. It was, almost, as if they thought they were untouchable.

People make mistakes. Jon and Heather are certainly not people to hold a grudge. But when a mistake is made, good companies apologize and try to make it right. Good companies don't pretend they didn't make a mistake. Good companies pick up the bride and groom--who they stood up on their wedding night--and try to fix the colossal blunder they made.

Since Top Cat Limousine has proven themselves not to be a good company, I urge anyone in the San Diego area to use a different limo service. There are plenty to choose from and maybe if they lost some business they would be forced to get back to the basics of customer service. If anyone would be willing to spread the word on their facebook accounts, through email and twitter, or by linking back to this post on your own blog, I would really appreciate it.

I called to let them know that I wouldn't be using their company in the future because of what they had done and I received the snotty reply, "Oh. Okay. That's no problem." If anyone else would like to call and let them know that they've lost your business...well, I probably wouldn't try to stop you. Even if you don't live in the San Diego area. I mean, how do you know that you'll never, ever, need to rent a limo in southern California?


  1. I e-mailed my sentiments to offending party. Thanks for your inspiration this weekend!

  2. I'll call and let them know that I work for a Destination Management Company in San Diego (who book transportation among other things for a living) and will be spreading the word of their unethical behavior to all the people I know in the industry.

    I'm so sorry that happened!


  3. We've had the SAME issues with Moishe's Moving in Manhattan. It's ridiculous, isn't it?!

    But I'm so sorry that this happened to your brother on his wedding night. How awful.

  4. By the way, you may want to leave a comment for the Better Business Bureau (my mom's suggestion).

    Here's the website:

  5. Some of your readers have suggested the BBB.....done. Did that yesterday.

    Huge thanks to Jayni! I know we can't bring down a company and, as a Christian, I wouldn't want to, but it might mean more to them to think they might lose more than the little guy. Thanks!

    I know we asked for Top Cat to give them a free Limo ride in the future, but I'm not so sure we would actually want them to get into a limo with them now :o)

  6. The same thing happened to my daughter and son-in-law on their wedding night. When they called the company, they found out the company had the reservation down for a day of the week and date that didn't even match. They did get their money back, but wedding night frustrations are tough. J

  7. i just emailed the company. hopefully by spreading the word they'll see a dent in the amount of business they're getting.