Saturday, September 5, 2009


You know, the infertile in me just has a hard time handling The Duggars. These people are going to have, I don't know, like 27 kids before this woman goes through menopause. I'm certainly not going to sit here and say how many is too many because I can't make that decision for someone else but jeesh...NINETEEN!

And sure, having children by the quiverfull is a biblical principle. (Although how many arrows can a quiver actually hold? Some only a few, some a dozen, and others up over 20.) But if you're going to say that you think you should have 20+ biological kids because it's biblical, shouldn't you also be adopting because adoption is also a biblical principle?

I'm not judging the Duggars because, well, talk about a well oiled machine. It just makes my uterus cry out in anguish to think about. And, in the article I linked to, Michelle stated, "We are so thrilled. We just couldn't believe it is happening." What? Really? This woman has been pregnant over 140 MONTHS of her life. How can she not believe it's happening? It's always happening. To her, that is, not to me.

Anyway, I don't know why I feel surprised at number 19 when I didn't feel surprised by number 18. It's just that, if I even start thinking about a third child (which at this point is a resounding no!) my head starts to throb because I'd have to go through expensive infertility or adopt again and I should probably try to wrap up this adoption first. Plus we'd have to get a new car, someone would have to ride alone at Disneyland, someone would have to sleep on the floor in a hotel, and I'd have one more child than I have hands which seems like a problem to me. Although, in fairness, I could probably put a leash on one of them and hold it in my teeth. But 19! I guess you just need the one car...and a 15 passenger van. And Disneyland wouldn't be a problem because you'd just take up the entire train on Thunder Mountain. You'd just get a whole floor at a hotel so no one would have to sleep on the floor. And as for hands, well, she still has enough fingers...and toes, I suppose. For now.


  1. The Duggars are a good example of "Birth Out of Control".

  2. Save some room in the world for the rest of us that don't have kids yet! sheesh! I was totally shocked when I heard about #19.

  3. the thing is though that people had tons of kids years ago and no one thought anything of it. I think we're quick to judge when we don't have a right to.

  4. And people are giving us funny looks when we say we have four...! I'd just like to be able to spend quality time with each of my children.

  5. woah, my comment was way too long.


    19 kids is not average no matter what decade you toss that number into.

    don't get me started about quiverful. The Duggars seem to be (abit strange) but generally pretty cool. I mostly 'judge' the quiverful crowd that spit out a baby each year, collect all kinds of government aid, are really stressed from having all these children... and ignore *actual* commands the bible spells out clearly.

  6. Woah! 19 kids?!
    And here we thought Octomom is insane for having 14(?) kids.

    But I guess no one can ever beat the guy who have almost a hundred children. You've got to research about that. :D