Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Papa Has A What?

The Rock Star cannot pronounce his S's at the beginning of words. He uses an "H" instead. This has led to the hilarious phrase, "I want to ho you humping." Instead of, well, I want to show you something. The other day my dad had a sore throat. We were getting ready to stay in a hotel on the night of my brother's wedding. The following conversation took place.

G: Papa has a whore.
Me: He does?
G: Yeah.
Me: (laughing) Oh. Okay.
G: Papa doesn't have a whore at home. Papa has a whore at the hotel.
Me: Dad, did you hear that?
My dad: Yes. What are you teaching that kid?

My dad is an upstanding Christian man. He serves as an elder at the church. He doesn't have a whore. Now, a sore throat, that he had. But, wow, how the meaning changes when a three-year-old can't say his S's.


  1. Haha that was funny! The meaning really changed simply because of pronunciation. My little sister also have a pronunciation problem, but we've never had that kind of conversation before :P

  2. Love it-love your writing. I just set up my first blog-never knew what you guys were talking about.