Friday, January 16, 2009

Pictures from Fizzle

Today an envelope arrived from my FSiL (pronounced Fizzle and standing for Future Sister-in-Law) with a CD of pictures she took from the holidays. There were some really great ones. I couldn't include all of them in one post because, well, they would take forever to upload and you'd probably get bored. Here are a select few...

Bath times with Papa (Grandpa) and Non (Uncle Jon) are especially special.
These two are best buddies when they get to be together. Of course, now that we live way out here in Utah, those times are few and far between. But they sure are magical--as you can see from the look on my son's face.
I think that, five or six or seven years from now, when this dog closes his eyes for the last time, this picture will be one that I have a really hard time looking at. I kind of have a hard time looking at it now, knowing that one day he'll be gone and it will be hard for me to look at. But I love it. I think it could be on a calendar. I love his jowls and his knowing stare and the way his oversized ear hangs at a slightly strange angle, implying that he's something.


  1. I'm glad you liked them. That cd took an awfully long time to get there. Pony Express maybe???

    Love - Your FSiL

  2. I love that one of G-Man and me. He just looks so happy.