Friday, January 23, 2009

Guessing Game

I find the movie watching patterns of toddlers to be curiously strange. After Garrett's birthday we went through a several month Finding Nemo obsession. Just as suddenly as it began, it was over. He still likes Nemo and he still wants to watch it on occasion, but he doesn't ask for it multiple times a day.

Now he asks for Cars. Several. Times. A. Day. What do you think he's doing right now?

I'll give you one guess.


  1. mine has gone through a very intense "tigger" phase and then jumped right onto "woody and buzzz" and is now stuck on "choo choo" (thomas) and "melmo". yes, several times a day. if i say no to one, he goes through the list of all the movies he can remember ever seeing, asking to watch each one.

  2. Oh the stages. This will continue, and continue some more. It will get even more fantastic and imaginative!!! Just you wait.

  3. We were in a big Madagascar phase for a while and all my kiddo wanted was "Melman". Now it's all about Wall-E. I find the robot imitations much funnier than the Melman whining imitations, so it's a good change.

  4. He's... sleeping? Haha! Just kidding.
    Don't worry, it will surely pass. He got through the Finding Nemo-obsession, right? :D