Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hives

So I've got some dairy related hive thing going on. I think this started sometime early last year. It seemed that when I ate vanilla based ice cream I got these hives on the corners of my mouth. Generally they last about an hour and, other than the annoying feeling of something being swollen, don't bother me much. Except that, well, I look like I got punched on both sides of my face. In any case, the hives are limited to my consumption of ice cream and I love it so much that I'm not going to let a little case of the hives separate me from my beloved.

Well. On Christmas night I ate a delicious trifle and I got hives. At this point, since the trifle did not contain ice cream, I decided that it must be cream, and not vanilla, that gives me swollen lips. It's not every time I eat ice cream and it's not every time I eat something creamy in general so I was really no further along in my self-diagnosis.

Last night I got one hive on the left side of my upper lip. What had I eaten? Pizza.

This led Troy to the conclusion that, "It must be any kind of dairy."

Me: Yes, but what did I eat?
Us: (simultaneously) Cheese.
Me: Well, I could grow hives the size of tennis balls and I wouldn't give up cheese.

Because that's how much I love it.


  1. I wouldn't give up ice cream and cheese for hives either. Besides swollen lips are supposed to be attractive. Thats why they invented botox right.

  2. I don't think I could give up cheese either.

    you DO need to be careful though; if you are continually exposed to something you're allergic to, the symptoms will get worse.

    miss you Lori!

  3. Careful! Continued exposure can lead to worsened symptoms...

    Remember me and pineapple? I used to just get kanker sores - now I get cold sores, my tongue swells, my face and throat itches. Doc says anymore and I'll have to start carrying an eppy pen. Not cool.

    So why I also wouldn't give up cheese or dairy - I might get a check up to determine if it's a progressive allergy or not.

  4. Don't mess with the cheese.
    Just don't.