Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mill Creek Canyon

Garrett thinks he's a big boy. He's always thought he was older than he is but the fact that big kids pay attention to him makes him know, deep down inside, that he's all grown up. Today Garrett and I went up to Mill Creek Canyon with some of our best friends. They took their two dogs and we took ours. We sledded and clomped around in the snow for a couple of hours.

Meet Men. Men is the older brother of Mimmo and Mimmy who Garrett now refers to as Tim and Immy. Despite Garrett's ability to say his B's...Ben remains Men. Men is eleven years older than Garrett but the age difference doesn't bother my son a bit.
It was chilly so my kid is pretty bundled up. He's there, though, tucked neatly into Ben's lap. That picture makes me contemplate age differences. Allison, their mom, is twelve years older than me so, if taken 25 years ago, this could have been us. Except that we lived several states apart and there isn't snow in San Diego. Or, you know, given the age difference between my husband and I, I suppose it could have been Troy and my first picture together. But let's not go there on account of the fact that it's creepy.

The creek that runs through the canyon is gorgeous this time of year. I'm sure it's not altogether pleasant to fall into but it's quite beautiful to look at. After their dog, Wally, decided to stand in it for a few moments, my dog contemplated joining him. Much to my surprise, my water-loving golden retriever stayed on the shore.

Down here in the valley it's been really warm. And by warm, of course, I mean not warm at all. Because I generally define warm as seventy. Three. At least. But, when it was hovering in the low teens for awhile, thirties and forties seem really nice. So anyway, in the valley it's been nice-ish. All that to say, our snow is melting! But up in the canyon there was plenty! It was fun and beautiful and both my dog and my boy are now completely conked out...which is always a good thing.

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  1. Look at you, appreciating 30-40 degree weather. It's all about perspective. I'm so proud. Can you find the silver lining as this inversion worsens, and it not only gets colder in the valley, but also gray and dismal and maybe foggy?

    It looks like it was a great time. J