Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dance

Okay, so let me start off by saying that when Troy married Justin and Abi (as in, performed their ceremony. Not as in, is now legally bound to both of them.) back in September, Garrett was already supposed to only have his pacifier in bed. However, the reception went until well after his bedtime and he was an exhausted little bugger. So that's why he has it hanging out of his mouth. And, now that it's gone forever, I cherish pictures like this just a little more.

I stole this picture from Abi's facebook page and oh sure we could have found someone to watch our child so that we could dance. There were hoards of people from our church who would have been glad to do it. And I do think that Troy and I were able to steal a few dances, just the two of us, while Garrett played happily nearby. But, when said toddler is crashing and said parents want one more dance, you improvise.

That improvisation turned in to one of the sweetest moments. I've got my arms wrapped around my boys and nothing in the whole world could possibly fill them any better.