Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is He The One Who Wears A Bra?

Garrett just walked up to me with a small plastic carrying case that we use to store his Little People. He had it opened and was holding it on his chest. He proudly declared, "A bra on, mommy." I tried to recreate it for a video because I thought it was pretty funny but he knew I was video taping so he decided to ham it up for the camera. His idea of hamming it up involved doing a strange dance accompanied by weird hands motions. It looked highly suspect. Since I am the only girl in this house and I certainly do not wander around holding my own breasts and dancing--at least not with any regularity--I am extremely curious as to where he came up with such shenanigans. I promptly deleted the video lest it find its way to the media elite when he's running for President in 2044.

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