Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Time

I just bid farewell to my family. Garrett's Aunt Hay-er flew home on Wednesday so that she could go to the Rose Bowl with her family but my parents and brother left at 5:55 this morning for the long drive back to San Diego. It's true that I get to see my family a lot for someone who lives twelve hours away but it's never good to see them go.

We had tons of fun sledding and shopping and playing games and watching movies. Heather asked me to be a bridesmaid. Jon asked Troy to be his best man. They both asked Garrett to be their Ring Guy. So, let's just say that the Doozleberry's will be highly represented at the September wedding of my brother to his fiancee.

Hmmm, Jon...dork much? Although, in fairness to my little brother, I was acting like a huge dweeb one day and he looked at me like I needed to book my stay at the loony bin and I replied with, "Do you know that there is no other person in the world who shares more DNA with you than me?"
I love and adore my little family. And I am hoping and praying that when we take our Annual Christmas Tree Picture next year there is a little something extra. Preferably something smallish and wiggly and old enough to be sleeping through the night and nestled in the crook of my arm where Garrett is nestled in the crook of his dad's.
Speaking of dads, mine builds snow caves. Really good snow caves. This year he built a very large snow cave that can fit several human beings and a dog inside. Here is a picture of him and my mom and my offspring inside of it. Unfortunately, something with my camera or blogger or both is malfunctioning and I cannot, for the life of me, get it to flip around. Crane your head to the right or flop your monitor onto its side or something...

Just to give you a perspective on how big this thing is, well, there it is with people next to it.
And, okay, so yes, I realize that this picture looks like Attack of Lori's Head because, well, it's giant. But really it was because I was way more forward than my husband or my tyke. Because truthfully, my kid has a big ole head. Really. For real. When he was born a week early the rest of him was measuring smaller than his gestational age but his head was measuring overdue. So, yeah, big melon. I'm just saying is all. But you should not be focusing on our huge noggins. Snow cave. That's what this is about.

Down the back of the snow mansion is a short sled run. What I love most about this video is how, in the still, it looks like Garrett is completely and wildly traumatized. Um. He's not. What I love second most about this video is the way Garrett says, "More," at the end. He's a tiny little daredevil. When we went sledding on the hill near my house he just laughed and laughed his way down the runs. Even when Troy and him completely biffed and cartwheeled in the air and landed upside down, he...well he cried. But it was short lived and he jumped right back on the horse, er, sled.


  1. way cute. I want a snow fort. We just built a snow man that now looks like it went on the slim fast diet, And had a snow ball fight, and sled at the park. I should totaly build a snow fort out of the mound the plow put in front of the neighbors house. I wonder if I could get my family to help me.

  2. Eskimos would be jealous of that snow fort!!!!!

  3. That snow cave it awesome!! And I love the video :)

  4. thanks for sharing the pics - looks like it was a wonderful christmas!

  5. I'm super impressed by the snow fort! Crazy huge. Garrett's video is too adorable. Glad you had a great time with family. Also any teething tips you might have - I'll take! Sad baby over here.

  6. I'm frothing at the mouth seeing your snow cave. Seriously. It's wicked and I am undeniably jealous.