Friday, June 27, 2008

Words Words Words

The boy has had a language explosion. It's true that we cannot decipher a large number of these new words but I would say that, at this point, he's saying between 2-5 new things every day. Here is a sampling of words he has said lately.

-guitar (pointed at a picture of one and said gee-ar)
-two (we ask him to say he is two and put his fingers up--we're practicing for next month. He puts his whole hand in this strange position and says doo. It's funny.)

I'm drawing a blank. I'll have to ask him what other words he knows when he wakes up from his nap. Speaking of his nap, he started sobbing this afternoon when he thought I was going to make him sleep in his room. He took my hand and walked me all the way down to the basement where his Pack n Play is still set up in the bathroom. When I put him in there he went right to sleep. You want to know what I love the most about being a mother? I love that even when he is having a very "Doo" day, I laugh. Every day is just hilarious.

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  1. I had no idea our little guys were so close in age! We've been practicing the two fingers thing for next month, too!

    I love when the language explosions happen. It's absolutely amazing to see how much they're capable of learning.