Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Write-In Campaign

Me: Do you want me to read this to you?
Troy: No. I'd rather you read me what you wrote.
Me: I didn't blog today.
Troy: You didn't?
Me: No. I was bad. I wrapped your presents instead.
Troy: Well, I guess that's okay then.

That's right, Internet world, my husband is turning old* tomorrow. Happy last day as a less old person, Troy.

*I had his age here and he pretty much just freaked out about how he doesn't want the world to know just how ancient he is. I told him I promised not to share with you all that his childhood best friend was Abe Lincoln. Oops. Well, now you know.

On another note, while I don't want to use this blog to get overly political, at this point I am kind of thinking about submitting my wonderful (albeit old) husband as a write-in candidate if I continue to believe that neither the elephant nor the donkey represents me or my interests. Anyone care to join me? After all, I'll vouch for his character and he did learn a thing or two from Abe. Oh come on, I'd make such a darn good first lady. You know I would. I'd be all, "Hey, tonight we're barbecuing hot dogs on the White House lawn. Troy, I mean, um, Mr. President, will totally be running through the sprinklers with our toddler. After dinner I plan to loudly play Girls Just Wanna Have Fun while dancing on the Resolute desk in the middle of the oval office." I mean, I'm sure Laura, Hillary and Barbara never did that. Yeah. I'm so much cooler than them.


  1. happy birthday troy!
    please write him in.
    i am not a very political girl, but i know enough to know that i have no idea who to vote for. is there a box that says "neither"?
    i think we are going to need a re-do. ..some other options.

  2. I was talking to Mom the other day, and I told her I was going to write myself in. 'Cause, you know, either way, this country will continue its wonderful downslide.

  3. Six months as a senior pastor's wife and you're ready to co-run the country. You go, girl. J

  4. i'd vote for Troy... :) He'd probably make a better president than any of the current candidates will. Tell him happy birthday for me!

  5. You would make a wonderful First Lady. Afterall, that office could use a little humor. I don't think there has been anyone fun in there since Jackie-O. I was like 5. It's time......

    As for Troy being President....why not? One thing I know for sure is that we would never hear the words "I did not......"

  6. I say a write-in campaign is an excellent idea, but if you really want to edge your way into the white house I'd add yourself as McCain's running mate - regardless of your donkey/elephant tendancies. Let's face it, that guy is well past his prime and the stress of the mess left around him... the VP Troy will take over in no time. Is that bad? I don't think so, I think it is just being realistic.

  7. Lori
    We hope Troy had a good birthday today. Wish you were here so we could see if he can still bend over and tie his shoes.