Sunday, June 29, 2008


For Father's Day we got Troy a gift card to Sears. That way he could get himself a new shirt or a tool or whatever else he might want. Last night he decided to take the boy and head over to Sears Grand. Garrett was only wearing basketball shorts. If you're curious the answer is yes, he does look funny with those stubby little legs sticking out of long basketball shorts.

Me: Make sure you put shoes and a shirt on him before you go.

Troy: (gives me this look that says, "What kind of moron do you think I am?") Uh. Yeah.

Me: I just didn't want you to forget.

Troy: It's not like I have a history of forgetting his shoes.

Me: No. I was more concerned about the shirt.

Troy: Oh my gosh. Because I so often take him places looking like a little hillbilly. What kind of father do you think I am?

I couldn't respond because I was laughing too hard. It was the way he said hillbilly that had me cracking up. Then I had these visions of my son with a big straw hat and overalls without a shirt sitting out on the homestead with a piece of hay to pick his teeth. The visual was just too much and, as they mounted the stairs to retrieve said shirt and shoes, I continued to chuckle.

That remind me. I think chuckle is a funny word. I think it's humorous because I think it's supposed to be onomatopoeic but it isn't, really. I mean, when I chuckle it doesn't sound like I'm saying, "chucklechucklechuckle," over and over again. I'm just saying is all...


  1. Yeehaw, shucks, that was a good post lil' lady.

    Funny, I can totally hear Troy saying those exact words, and the little smirk face that goes with them.

  2. I often say to my husband when he mismatches our son that the little boy looks like a welfare child. Slap me across the wrist.....but it's true. Hillbilly or welfare. Same the same.

  3. You know what's an even better/more funny word than chuckle? Chortle. My friend from Wisconsin said it last week and it made me laugh. I chortled. Haha

  4. Hehe, I think I'd be a fan of "Hillbilly Garrett". He would need to be missing a few teeth*, talk with a twang**, and be named something along the lines of "Cletus", "Scooter", or "Bubba".
    *This commentor means no disrespect to anyone missing any amount of teeth. I'm just saying, most hillbillies aren't too keen on gettin' off the porch to go to the dentist.
    **This commentor means no disrespect to anyone who talks with a twang. Or does he...

  5. probably because you mentioned garrett wearing basketball shorts, i thought about how the hillbilly version of him would have fit in well at any of the rhs basketball games where our fans dressed like the hicks the other schools (read: snotty, pretentious, and privileged tphs kids) assumed we actually were.