Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Garden Update

I have a tomato blossom! And if it isn't the cutest little thing than I don't know what is. Golden retriever puppies, maybe. In case you are wondering about the status of the Great Gardening Escapade of 2008, here is an update.

Watermelon: Germination was supposed to occur within 8-12 days I think. It's been about 40 and there isn't a sprout to be seen. Prognosis: Crop failure.

Corn: We planted a row and a half of corn and it seems to be doing well. Each little corn plant is about four inches tall. They are quite adorable as well.

Strawberries: There are four strawberry plants and they appear to be growing. I think this is a good thing. We're hopeful.

Tomatoes: Well, like I said, we have a blossom. We planted three tomato plants and they are all growing and looking lively. Two of them appear to be better than the third but I have reason to believe that one is just going to be a late bloomer.

Zucchini: There are two zucchini plants. One of them is huge. I am not even kidding when I tell you that it is taking over the garden. It has leaves on it the size of my hand. The other, though only half the size of the over achiever, appears to be doing well.

Butternut Squash: The poor little butternut squash plant is on life support. I've been watering it just the same as all the other plants in the garden (Mr. Watermelon was planted elsewhere) so I don't know what's wrong with it. It does have some new little leaves on it so I am hopeful that I can nurse it back to health but it hasn't grown much, if at all. I am quite sad because I really wanted to have a healthy squtternut bosh crop.

In any case, the garden is flourishing. Yay.


  1. You have heard the horror stories of zucchini, haven't you? Even with one plant, you will likely have more than you can give away. Glad it's doing well. When your corn gets ears on it, watch for earwigs. One year I grew a whole crop of very decorative dried corn by accident because none of it was edible. It did make nice fall decorations though. J

  2. Great job on your garden! We do well every other year or so but definitely best with potted tomato's.
    btw, we're staying at Morgan Run. It's up toward Oceanside but we'll spend most of our time in San Diego. I'll give them all your best. :)

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  4. Congrats on the garden. We have green tomatoes already, I am so excited. And a grape vine! And blackberry blossoms...and a very young zucchini plant, we shall see if he survives. The trick to Zucchini is too look under all the leaves, alot, and pick them SMALL, don't let them get all giant (weird texture, not as much flavor, easier to give away). My condolences on the watermelon crop. :(