Friday, June 20, 2008

Women's Speaker

Remember how I once said that I wanted to be a retreat speaker in twenty years, you know, when I have it all figured out? It's really too bad that I'm not already a speaker because that would certainly keep the cost of our October women's retreat down. I wouldn't need any airfare and it would probably be so bad that I'd have to pay the women to sit and listen. So you see, they'd actually make money off of me.

But alas, I most certainly do not have it all figured out. I'm still running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out what it even is. My talks would be really meaningful though. I'd be all, "So this one time when I was in college, my roommate and I so totally cancelled our Chemistry class!" And everyone would look at me like I was crazy and say, "What does this have to do with God?" And then I'd be like, "Oh yeah. Sorry. Rabbit trail."


  1. But you'd certainly be entertaining. Besides, if anyone claimed they had "it" figured out, I would be suspicious. I'm quite sure that is reserved for post-earth life. So, that actually frees you up to do it (not the big "it" but retreat speaking it). J

  2. i know, right? i went back and forth about whether or not to call it the sd county fair...i try to be flexible and change with the times, you know? in my heart it is and always will be the del mar fair.

  3. Ahhhh...I miss the Del Mar fair too. Especially the flower exhibits.

    Another San Diego girl in a far away place...