Monday, June 17, 2013

Seven Things

Random Facts

1. If I ate eggs and potatoes at 1:00 pm every day, I could live off of one meal a day. I'd get scurvy but I'd probably still live.

2. I'm substituting in Garrett's classroom tomorrow. His teacher pulled me aside when I was picking him up today to show me the "holster art project" that I'm doing with them because Cowboy Day is coming up. Does it seem strange to make holsters given the fact that kids are being suspended for biting their sandwiches into the shape of a gun? Is it just me? I wonder what they are going to put into said holster. Skittles?

3. It's the middle of June and our days are long. The other night, at nearly 10 pm, the sky wasn't black yet, just a deep, dark blue. The sun is up again before anyone else wants to be.

4. Today was the perfect pool weather. So, we packed up our stuff and went to the pool. My kids are both really good swimmers. This just proves that if you expose a kid to water enough and give him the proper training, anyone can learn to swim. One of mine comes from a gene pool which is half fish and half giant sinking calves of a former wrestler. One of mine comes from a gene pool of two parents who do not know how to swim at all. Yet they both glub around the pool like they were born with gills.

5. My friend and I are working on a special song for church. This is way out of my comfort zone. I mean, like, you can't even see the comfort zone from where I'm standing. When we practice it, I start sweating and there isn't even anyone in the chairs to hear me. I take solace in the fact that I was actually cast in a musical in college. I sang By My Side and Learn Your Lessons Well and I didn't get booed off the stage. Perhaps recalling this when we actually sing the song at church will be of some comfort to me.

6. I know about a million pregnant women right now. And that's only about a 999,950 person exaggeration. Seriously. The earth is about to explode with babies.

7. Today Matthew said, "Are we taking the Santa Fe?" I said no. "Hooray! We get to drive in the big, giant car!" Yes. He's liking the van too. But I have a hard time buckling him in to the seat in the van and he can't reach the buckle by himself. So in my attempt to get him secured, I actually fell over. It kind of hurt. I proceeded to simply lie there like a slug. It was my only defense. We all thought it was gut busting hilarious.

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